Pure Wholesale is an added value company who is here to take some of the uncertainty out of the secondary market.

As we custom build our pallets by genre, we take out any visually broken items, or items that appear severely damaged. This allows the end customer to have a greater return on investment and happier customer base.

We specialize in supplying small and large resellers, with profitable liquidation merchandise, at the lowest possible cost.

Anyone can buy from us. You do not need a business license, and we have deals starting at $100 per box, up to $375 per pallet. 

Why buy from us?

We started from the beginning, to help the end consumer make better returns. We found that the more value we can add, and the more risk that can be removed, makes for a happier end customer.

Our outlet stores are open 5 days a week, you are free to come in anytime during those hours and find the pallets that work for you.  After which you can pay and take them with you right away.