We started buying pallets from Pure Wholesale about 6 or 7 months ago. We have bought and sold in the past from other companies, but were drawn to them by their pallets, and friendliness. They had custom pallets, which we have never experienced, however, they were well built, and had great value. We are approaching retirement age, and I have been a drywaller most of my life. My wife and I enjoyed buying pallets, as a hobby, but with great financial benefits.  Talking to Josh and Kyle (Owners of Pure Wholesale), over several months of buying pallets, they presented an opportunity to invest in a partnership with their Elkhart Location. Overwhelmed at first, my wife and I talked more about it, had several meetings with Josh and Kyle, and the more we learned, the more the investment with them made sense. Obviously, approaching retirement, we were concerned about the initial investment. It seemed like a big investment. Once we learned that all expenses and inventory was covered by the distribution center, and we just had to create selling opportunities for potential customers, it seemed like a great retirement job for us. As we began, it has been even better. We are trending to pay our investment back within one year. We have met amazing customers through running the Elkhart store. We have even got to witness two customers, start their own business and open a store front because of relationships and success with Pure Wholesale Pallets. We are winding toward retirement and looking for continued growth with Pure Wholesale.

Dan Weiss
Partner- Pure Wholesale Elkhart

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